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Healing Hope Farm

Welcome to Healing Hope Farm. Healing Hope Farm is dedicated to encouraging people in their horsemanship journey; whether you are just starting out, looking to improve, or working through a difficult issue and would like some help…

What Our Clients say

Wonderful family friendly farm. Laura tailors her teaching to each individual student. She is a caring and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommend.

Margaret Strange

Some of the most amazing ppl on this planet, on their own corner of it. Actually, at times, I think they are not even from this planet, that is how good they are <3
And by good, I mean every aspect of it. Knowledge, caring, sharing, helping, being there for you... always. There is nothing artificial on this farm. Everything is very true, authentic, and natural.

Tuula Pihlajavesi

As horse people, we all have that vision of what it will be like when we come together with our horse.  Most of our dreams include a wonderful partnership where both horse and rider are enjoying each others’ company and look forward to each moment together.  The reality is often very unlike the picture; behavior issues develop, there is lack of progress, injuries happen, or it just doesn’t feel like the beautiful picture is a reality.  At Healing Hope Farm, it is our desire to help students begin to match the reality with the vision!

Helping People Achieve Their Goals and Dreams