Single or Multi Day Seminars

What are seminars ?

Seminars are a 2-3 hour time where we can address specific topics with an audience either with horses or in a non-horse session.

In seminars ...

In seminars we work on helping participants understand concepts and improve personal horsemanship growth. Some seminars are demonstration based and other involve active participation, depending on the learning topic.

Seminars may include ...

Seminars may include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Ground work with excellence
  • Equine care and handling
  • Riding skills
  • Rider bio-mechanics
  • Equine bio-mechanics

Single or Multi Day Clinics

What is a Clinic ?

Clinics are an extended time where participants have hands on interaction with horses to apply the topics being covered during the event.

Clinic topics may include ...

Clinic activities may include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Refining communication
  • Improving ground work techniques
  • Rider equitation and development exercises
  • Rider bio-mechanics
  • Equine bio-mechanics

Can I attend to watch ...

Auditing is generally an option at our clinics. Please reference event details to see pricing and availability.

Visiting Clinicians

We host clinicians from across the country at our farm and other farm locations.

Some of the horsemen/women we have hosted are:

Dave Ellis

Dave is a Parelli six star certified instructor and is one of the best teachers we have ever experienced.

JodY grimm

Jodie is a Parelli three star certified instructor. She has been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship since 2003.

Kelly sigler

Kelly is a former four star Parelli instructor but has moved on to other equine specialties like Namaste Horsemanship, Rider Bio-Machanics, ISRB Instructor Training and Equine Emergency Disaster Preparedness to just name a few.

linda parelli

Linda is in demand throughout the world as a teacher, and presenter, and continues to develop concepts of better horsemanship, leadership, and confidence. Linda is the most highly rated Parelli instructor and horsewoman (Level 6).