Video Coaching with Laura Inman

Is the reality matching your picture when you spend time with your horse?

Would you like to improve your horsemanship on the ground or in the saddle?  Video coaching is a great way to be able to get practical feedback and ideas about how to improve!  With video coaching, you will get targeted instruction about the things you want reviewed, specific horse and rider exercises for improvement, and the ability to go back and re-read comments/review video to continue learning from each video coaching session.  Video coaching allows you to pinpoint the parts of your ride/ground work which you want to improve.

A Few Benefits of Video Coaching

instructor's perspective

You get to watch yourself and see what the instructor is seeing and will have written notes with time stamps so you can review the moments with the comments.

targeted learning

You can take the video you want so the focus of the coaching is specific to your goals.

continuous Learning

You can re-read comments and re-watch videos any time you want.

Monitor observable progress

You can compare and observe your progressive advancement through your video coaching sessions from one to the next.

Pricing for Video Coaching:

$90 for up to 10 Minutes of Video – includes notes with times stamps from the video and a 20 minute phone or web based consultation.

With this package you will receive 3 Video Coaching Sessions for $250/package which is a savings of $20 over the single session price. (must be used within six months)

5 Video Coaching Sessions $415/package which is a savings of $35 over the single session price. (must be used within 10 months)

Plus! With this package you will also receive two additional twenty minute phone/web based consultations.

A few TIPS for taking video of your ride:

video content

Videos do not need to be 10 consecutive minutes – rather show the things you would like help with, unless you feel that a 10 minute consecutive session really highlights the “issue”.

stay within the field of view

Make sure you know the coverage area of your video camera setup so you can ride within the visual range of the camera.

video in Landscape orientation

Take the video with your phone or camera in the horizontal orientation. This allows for the greatest riding coverage so you can really showcase your riding.

upload to youtube

Uploading your video to YouTube as an unlisted video and sending the link is a quick and easy way to submit video. You can create a YouTube account for free using a Google login or you can create a new one for free just for your riding video uploads.