Healing Hope Farm, LLC
Connecting horses and humans, creating healing and hope.

Who We Are

Instructor Laura Inman

Instructor Laura Inman has been riding horses for over thirty years. Laura began her riding career at Bunty Lee Stables (which later became Twin Gate Farm) in 1983 and continued with Twin Gate until she graduated from high school. Laura competed in horse shows both on the flat and over fences; winning many ribbons, particularly in equitation classes.

Laura graduated from Gordon College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in youth ministry and has been working with Junior High School and High School aged youth since she graduated.

Laura is also a 5th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and has over twenty years of martial arts experience. For over ten years she has been instructing children and adults in the martial arts.

Laura volunteers and teaches at Upreach Therapeutic Riding Facility in Goffstown, NH. She is a member of PATH, Int'l and is a PATH, Int'l advanced therapeutic riding instructor.

Brian Inman

Brian Inman works as a software engineer for CRGT Inc. out of Herndon, VA. He graduated from Salem State College with a B.A. in computer science and a minor in photography and has been working in the software industry for the last 26 years.

Brian and Laura met in the martial arts in 1993 when Brian was assistant instructor for the Gordon College martial arts physical education course. They were married in May of 1996 and have dreamed of owning their own farm since that time. Brian has been doing martial arts for over 30 years and has his 6th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

While Brian did not grow up with horses, he has always had a desire to know more about them and he particularly enjoys doing ground work with them. He currently has passed his Parelli Level 2. He is currently working toward his level 3 horsemanship with his levels horse, Chloe. He also maintains the Healing Hope Farm facilities so everything runs smoothly.

Alexander and Marty

Alexander amd Marty were adopted in December 2013 and immediately fit right into the farm family. They are full of live and exuberance and make every new-comer to the farm feel welcome and loved.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, here is where these two cuties came from:


Rufus is our favorite furry black lab/golden retriever mix. He was born in 1999 and he is a fetching machine. Rufus loves to run around the farm and be with the people who come to visit.

Sadly Rufus passed away on November 18th, 2013. Everyone who knew him knows how much of a loss this is to Healing Hope Farm. We will be posting a mamorial page soon commemorating the various animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge over the years.


Abby came to our farm in April 2011. Abby is a warmblood cross. She is Sophie’s daughter and was born May 19, 2008. Abby is full of spunk and mischief. She has a lot of curiosity and just loves to be the center of attention. Abby also loves to play with cones, the big green ball, water buckets, ropes, and just about anything else she can put in her mouth. Abby Loves to jump and is an incredibly quick learner.


April (GMA April’s Dream) is a welsh pony we brought with us when we transferred from Twin Gate Farm. April is our adorable, lovable little “boss mare” who lets the other horses know that she’s in charge. April was a show pony in her younger years and still loves to jump when she has the opportunity. Even more than jumping, April loves peppermint candy and will come running when she hears the crinkle of peppermint wrappers.


Bailey is a Morgan horse and boarder/lesson horse in our barn. He is known for being gentle, smooth, and a great horse for teaching beginners how to ride. He also does a good job of advancing as students gain skills. Bailey loves to give pony rides and has always been a favorite with our lesson kids. Bailey is a wonderful and patient horse with many years of experience as a lesson horse.


Binty is an Arabian, she's sweet and has a lot of Go. She came to us from a family that was growing and was not having enough time to ride. Binty is a great horse for helping riders advance from the basics to learning to canter and begin jumping.


Chloe is a part sister to Sophie. They both share Freestyle as their sire and their dams are half sisters. Chloe is a “snuggler” she just wants to love on anyone who will hang with her. It’s interesting because Chloe came in when we lost our lovely pony, Jazzie, and she’s a GIANT Jazzie. She and her sister share a stall/paddock and are beautiful to watch when they run around together…the picture of synchronization. Chloe is also a cookie hound like her sister!


Sophie (White Hall’s Sophie) is a Westphalian/Clydesdale cross who comes to us from White Hall Farm. Sophie is a gentle giant, she loves people and thoroughly enjoys being groomed. She is also a beautiful mover, comfortable and fun to ride.