Healing Hope Farm, LLC
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Horsemanship and Riding Program

This program is designed to teach students the basics of horse care and hunt seat/balanced seat horseback riding through weekly private or group lessons.

The horses in the program are chosen to suit the rider's size, age, and abilities in order to allow for the best learning environment for both horse and rider.

The structure of the program will develop based on the individual needs and skills of each student and the goals they and their instructor choose to establish. The individual instruction allows the rider to progress at their own pace and to take the time needed to accomplish goals and develop the skills to move forward in their riding and ability to work comfortably with the horses. Group lessons allow students who have mastered the basics to learn new skills within the group dynamic and to interact with and learn from other students.

Students in this program will learn not only basics of riding but will also have time to enjoy being with the horses and caring for them.